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Microsoft certification program provides students with the technology skills they need to be successful in college and a career. With Microsoft Certification, students can validate those skills and pursue a career path in business or technology. Microsoft Certification exams enable skills development and certification on their technologies which are recognized globally.

Microsoft offers certification to the candidates which certify their proficiency on latest MS technologies.

Levels of certification in Microsoft:

Path for certification in Microsoft technologies:

Candidates can become a qualified Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) through one of the following categories:
(Click on the particular category for a certification and view its details and required exams)

Server Desktop Appplications Database Developer
  • Windows Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Lync
  • SharePoint
  • Windows
  • Office
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SQL Server
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows Phone
  • SharePoint Applications

Benefits of Microsoft certifications

Students who hold a Microsoft Certification prove their proficiency and Microsoft Certification can help provide:

  • Recognition among peers and employers, and a distinct edge in the competitive job market
  • Higher degree of success in their pursuit of higher education or a career in technology
  • A firm measure and increased confidence in skills
  • Demonstration of skills on the latest technologies
  • A career development path for ongoing advancement of Microsoft technology skills

Some popular Microsoft certifications:

  • MOS Specialist (Word/Excel)
  • MOS Master: Microsoft Office 2010
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2012
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2008
  • MCSA: Windows 8
  • MCSA: Windows 7
  • MCSA: SQL Server 2012
  • MCSA: SQL Server 2008
  • MCSA: Office 365
  • MCSE: Server Infrastructure
  • MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure
  • MCSE: Private Cloud
  • MCSE: Data Platform
  • MCSE: Business Intelligence
  • MCSE: Messaging
  • MCSE: Communication
  • MCSE: SharePoint
  • MCSD: Windows Store Apps
  • MCSD: Web Applications
  • MCSD: SharePoint Applications
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